Here are some of my favorite interviews from The Eagle 93.9:

And some of my favorite Off-Road Friday guests:


One response to “Interviews

  1. Hello,

    My name is Matthew L. Blalock, owner of Paratus International LLC.

    I’m a South Florida native, the former Director of Special Projects for Freedom Flight International, and a twice published author who in May 2006 published “What To Do til The Cavalry Comes: A Family Guide To Preparedness in 21st Century America”. (Matt Lawrence, Pen Name)

    My editor is three time Pentagon appointee Thomas C. Van Hare and my guide is endorsed by Phil Bryant, the State Auditor of Mississippi. It’s available online, as well as in bookstores.

    In June of 2006, I was an invited guest speaker of Congressman Steve Israel, at the Long Island Hurricane Preparedness Summit where I asked five questions of his emergency prepareness specialists and uncovered the fact that they themselves were NOT prepared!

    I conduct preparedness seminars for local, state and federal authorities while attending conferences across the country to endorse new products before representatives of FEMA, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and most recently, the Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference.

    As a preparedness expert, I’ve been interviewed for multiple television programs and news programs, exposing those same products benefiting the public in over 500 minutes of television and radio time in the past year. Here’s a few of the stations I have appeared on, NBC, ABC, KTOK, WIOD, FOX4 Fort Myers, NBC6 Miami, ABC7 Naples, WJXT4 Jacksonville, WOR-NY and there are many more including a segment for TWC’s It Could Happen Tomorrow series.

    I would like to discuss the possibility of appearing on your show for an interview specifically on personal preparedness. In light of the current threats facing our nation today (both natural and man-made) and the government’s proven track record at not being able to respond, I know this interview will be one of your most imformative to date.

    Below are two web links to appearances televised on NBC6, the Miami NBC affiliate, the first one is from May 22, 2006. and most recently from May 21, 2007;

    (Cut and paste the links. They’re hot; I tested them prior to sending it to you. Please give them time to load.)

    You will notice the interview format is the same while the products differ.

    If you’d like to see the seminars I provide to our nation’s first responder’s, teachers and healthcare workers, I’ll gladly send you the proposal I send them.

    For more information on my guide, personal appearances and media events please visit my website,

    My preparedness guide and seminars are certified and listed on the Responders Knowledge Base, ( a website sponsored in part by the Department of Homeland Security.

    Probably most important to you would be “local references”. Sean Osborne, Military Analyst for NEIN has read my guide and promotes it heavily, Doug Hagmann, Director of NEIN has a copy and agrees it spurned him to get prepared and Lan Lamphere claims to have had a great response to the hour I spent with him on his program.

    If you go to their websites you will see products I endorse linked to their sites. I work that closely with my clients.

    I’ll consider all correspondence between us proprietary, and I thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Feel free to contact me anytime….


    Matthew Lawrence Blalock

    (Matt Lawrence, Author)

    4115 13th Street SW

    Lehigh Acres, FL 33976-2722


    “When you live prepared, you’re prepared to live”

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