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Master of My Domain

I’ve moved the blog back to its former address,


Change in the blog

I’ve moved the show notes for The Drive over to a new stand-alone page to allow me the space to just rant and pontificate here without getting in the way of the radio stuff. You’ll find The Drive show notes here, or you can click the tab at the top.

Portrait of the Author as a Blogger

A friend and fellow writer, William G. Jones, has graciously allotted a full week to yours truly at his Christianity 4 Life blog. It’s in the form of an interview spread out over the five days of this week. If you’re interested in what I think about writing, my novels, and the state of Christianity (or, more accurately, churchianity) today, stop by Christianity 4 Life.

And remember William’s name. He has a gift, and sooner or later a smart acquisitions editor will recognize it.

Christian Carnival CVII – A Winter Olympic Preview

We’re back in the Christian Carnival this week, which Rev. Ed of Attention Span has set up as a Winter Olympic preview.

Trust me — this is more entertaining and edifying than the Olympics. Less pagan imagery and symbolism, too. Remember the opening ceremony at Athens? Creepy.

Our contribution this week is our P.I.D. Live interview with author Peter Goodgame (Red Moon Rising) about his forthcoming book, in which he ties Egyptian myth and Sumerian history into Bible prophecy to reach a startling conclusion: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse will be the resurrected god-man Osiris–better known as Nimrod of Genesis chapter 10.

That was too good a topic to let go. We continued the interview to bring out more details, which you can hear in three parts this week on our P.I.D. Radio podcast.

So Far Out of It I Must Be In

Out of curiosity, I glanced at the ballot for the 2006 Bloggie Awards. Didn’t vote (couldn’t, actually; voting ended yesterday), just looked.

I never heard of any of these blogs except Boing Boing, which I’ve never read.

The last time I experienced something like this was the day I realized that I, a former Top 40 radio program director responsible for picking the hits in a top 15 market, couldn’t name a single song on Billboard’s top 10 singles chart.

Either I’m hopelessly out of touch or I’m so focused on my own thing that I’m the apotheosis of cool.

Rejoining the Carnival

After several weeks on the sidelines due to a disrupted schedule, I finally remembered to plug and post the weekly Christian Carnival. Daddypundit hosts carnival number LXXX this week.

As you’d expect, a number of brethren try to make sense of the London bombings. (My wife and I have a slightly different–conspiratorial–take on the matter). Angry in the Great White North posts an incredible story about an op-ed that recently aired on state-funded radio:

“We could also help the general cause of religious freedom by introducing a code of moral practice for religions,” [retired professor Bob Ferguson] said. “They will never achieve unity so why not try for compatibility? Can’t religious leaders agree to adjust doctrine so all religions can operate within the code?”

Sure, Bob. All this talk about “the word of God” is just smoke to fool true believers into blind obedience.

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Christian Carnival LXXIV

Appropriately for Father’s Day week, the new Christian Carnival is up at Daddypundit. Also appropriately, I submitted a post on UFOs.


Seriously, there’s a lot of engaging material to surf through. Take the time to read through.