September 6: The Hsu on the Other Foot

NC drivers license
Hologram on the new North Carolina drivers license looks just like the logo of the Security & Prosperity Partnership.

Our weekly capitol report from Tim Murphy of NewsRadio 950 KWOS in Jeff City started things off this afternoon. The big news to the south this week is the demolition of the old prison there, which dates back to 1836. TIME once called the prison the “bloodiest 47 acres in America”, and one of our Off-Road Friday guests, Gil McDonald, believes that the site is a secret ET base.

Maybe the demolition is government retaliation against the ETs, part of Governor Blunt’s campaign to rid the state of illegal aliens.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner (and part-time barbecue judge) Ken Pearson joined us to talk about the upcoming vote on renewing the county’s quarter-cent sales tax, and then we talked with Todd Rauch, a rookie band dad with the Hickman marching band, about the band’s trunk sale Saturday morning at Hickman’s west parking lot.

The rest of the show was devoted to two main topics: What does Fred Thompson’s official declaration really mean, and should Sen. Claire McCaskill give up about $20,000 in campaign contributions she received from people connected to disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu — who, as of this writing, is again a fugitive.

Sen. McCaskill’s staff points out — correctly — that the people who donated the money to her campaign haven’t been accused of wrongdoing. Still, the appearance of impropriety is so strong here that the senator should dump the money on the first reputable charity she can find.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

North American Union driver’s license created in North Carolina
Jeff Harris critical of Toyota ad in state mailing
Gov. Blunt signs bridge legislation
McCaskill: A Paw is Not a Hsu


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