August 23: Karen Miller, Jennifer Hively & Pat Hostetler, Eric Field

Boone Co. Commissioner Karen Miller

Jennifer Hively & Pat Hostetler

Eric Field

Another full schedule today: Around the talk of red-light cameras, we talked with Boone County Southern District Commissioner Karen Miller, Jennifer Hively and Pat Hostetler of the American Heart Association, and Eric Field, director of the new production of Oklahoma! at the Maplewood Barn Theater.

But as expected, there was more to say about Columbia’s red-light camera program. Tom Bradley will have more with the company that will administer the program, LaserCraft, Friday morning on The Eagle 93.9.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Pigeon poop examined in bridge collapse
Forget biofuels — burn oil and plant trees instead
Pentagon spends $1 million for pair of 19-cent washers
Atlanta considers banning saggy pants
Nixon’s office upended in Planned Parenthood case


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