August 21: Penny Smith, Patt Stansberry, George Noory

George Noory

Patt Stansberry

Penny Smith

Day 2 of the Big Switch: Guests today included a couple of experts who shed some light on what the roller-coaster Dow Jones Industrial Average means to our jobs and bank balances and how to respond. Penny Smith of C & S Business Services talked about online job services and Patt Stansberry of A.G. Edwards & Sons made some sense of the market.

We talked for a bit about the campus safety task force set up by Gov. Blunt after the massacre at Virginia Tech. Good, sensible suggestions for making our colleges safer — except that one practical idea is missing: Allowing staff and faculty to carry concealed weapons.

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM every night after midnight on The Eagle 93.9 (and a few hundred other radio stations around the planet), joined us at 5:30 to talk about how his career as a newsman prepared him for hosting the most successful late-night talk radio program in the U.S. A busy guy, George was very gracious with his time, and I appreciate his gentle reminder during the commercial break to mention his book, Worker in the Light. It’s due out in paperback very soon.

I plan to stay up long enough to hear Dr. Jerome Corsi’s report from the Security and Prosperity Partnership summit in Quebec. We’ll hear more about that meeting tomorrow at 4:30 from Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Prelude to an attack on Iran
CIA, members of Congress editing Wikipedia
Voting machine maker ES&S faces fines in California
Steelman testifies before EcoDevo panel
Campus safety task force recommendations released


One response to “August 21: Penny Smith, Patt Stansberry, George Noory

  1. Derek, you went and did it again by mentioning guns AND illegal immigration in the same segment, making the phones busy enough that I wasn’t able to call in to ask this question.

    Regarding allowing guns on campus, I must confess that I am not aware if this is part of state law (either the conceal and carry law or another piece of legislation), or if each school sets their own policy. Do you know?

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