Time Change Today

Okay, today’s the first day we bump Sean Hannity’s Final Hour Free-for-All to 6:00 so we can start The Drive an hour earlier. It should be interesting.

When we tried preempting an hour’s worth of Glenn Beck last spring, listeners showed up at the station with torches and pitchforks. (Not really, but it was almost that bad.) That experiment lasted all of three days.

Hoping for the best and preparing for hue and cry. People don’t like it when you move their cheese.


2 responses to “Time Change Today

  1. Is Sean Hannity off the air for good or is this a test for your program. Don’t get me wrong I like your show but Sean’s show is alot more informative especially with the upcoming election. I sure hope you bring Sean’s show back in his prior time slot. I listen to him at work and all the way home. Please bring Sean’s show back. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Jennifer,

    Sean isn’t actually off the air. His third hour airs at 6:00pm rather than at 4:00.

    I realize this means his final hour doesn’t fit into many schedules, but believe me, as the election nears we’ll have plenty of shows devoted to the candidates and issues — and mid-Missouri listeners can get through on the phone to comment.

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