August 17: Off-Road Friday – Joan Gilbert and Missouri Ghosts

Joan Gilbert

Off-Road Friday was on us again, and we turned to Joan — pronounced like “JoAnne” — Gilbert (no relation), author of Missouri Ghosts, More Missouri Ghosts, and Missouri Ghosts III for a look into the spooky side of the Show-Me State. She had some fascinating stories, including several about the aptly-named Ravenswood Mansion near Boonville.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Census Bureau wants immigration raids halted (Because we can’t count the illegals if they think we want to deport them! Does this make a single shred of sense to you?)
Homeland Security enlists clergy to quell unrest during martial law (This sounds like consiracy wacko stuff, but it’s real: DHS wants your pastor to convince you to turn in your guns peacefully when they knock at your door.)
Over 110,000 sign protest petition on eve of SPP summit
Va Tech families angered over ‘shoot ’em up’ rapper at ‘healing’ concert
More local students take ACT, and scores are up


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