August 16: Faster Than Light?

Taum Sauk collapse
The Taum Sauk collapse

An interesting story from Germany today: Two physicists there believe they’ve broken the speed of light. The duo believe that microwave particles of light appeared simultaneously in two separate places three feet apart.

This has implications far beyond the world of science. How can we know that the universe is 15 billion light-years across of the speed of light isn’t a constant? Could it be older or younger than we think? And does this mean we’ll someday see a Star Trek style transporter?

More revelations in the Taum Sauk Reservoir collapse today: A supervisor admitted that he hadn’t checked the emergency water sensors even after the water overtopped the dam three months before the collapse. If it’s revealed that somebody in AmerenUE’s hierarchy pressured the staff at Taum Sauk to circumvent the safety protocols, the company should pay.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Skelton warns of violence surge in September
US agents accused of aiding Islamist scheme
Single desktop computer caused ‘LAX hell’
Lead found in baby bibs
New website for best high school site


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