August 13: R.J. Hillhouse

R.J. Hillhouse

The debate over the site for the next Columbia high school is heating up. Businessman George Godas has upped his offer of land at I-70 and Route Z to the Columbia Public Schools from 40 acres to 80. It’s an offer that he made two years ago — one that was ignored by CPS in favor of the 40 acres donated last year by Turner Vemer at New Haven Road and Rangeline. The question is why?

Our second hour was devoted to a discussion of a disturbing new trend, the outsourcing of America’s intelligence gathering. About 70% of intelligence appropriations for 2007 will go to private contractors. Dr. R.J. Hillhouse, author of the new thriller Outsourced, has been investigating this trend, and while she approves of some outsourcing, she’s concerned about proper oversight and conflicts of interest.

For example, if a corporation with an intelligence contract has another division that, say, builds submarines, might that affect the information that reaches the president’s desk?

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

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