August 10: Off-Road Friday – Lawrence Panarello – The True Justice of a Just God

Lawrence Panarello

Nikki Hohensee

It was a busy show today: Our first guest was Nikki Hohensee, whose son Devon is one of the 14-year-old Boonville Babe Ruth All-Stars headed for their World Series tournament in Virginia next week. Family members are hosting a fundraiser to cover travel expenses at the Boonville Country Mart tomorrow morning from 9:00 to Noon. You can also donate at UMB Bank in Columbia and Boonville.

Dan Buckley joined us at 5:20 to talk about his cross-country bike ride for the American Cancer Society. Any guy who’s willing to ride through 100+ degree heat for cancer research is OK by me.

Our man guest for the night was Lawrence Panarello, author of The True Justice of a Just God. It’s hard to accept the existence of a just and loving God when things in this life are often so unfair. The problem, as God explained to Job, is that we lack His perspective.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

US military heading to Mexico?
Doctors in Boston avoid legal trouble over partial-birth abortion by poisoning fetus first
Stem cell amendment changes little in Missouri (says the N.Y. Times; state Sen. Chuck Graham is featured in the article, even though prominent Republicans such as Gov. Blunt and state Rep. Ed Robb also supported Amendment 2)
Lawsuit filed to stop MOHELA sale
Columbia bus route changes begin this weekend


3 responses to “August 10: Off-Road Friday – Lawrence Panarello – The True Justice of a Just God

  1. This was a great broadcast, and i really enjoyed it. Most of the callers had good questions, and Mr. Panarello handled them very well. I’m deffinately thinking about buying the book!

  2. Great interview on a timely and significant topic. Puts a different perspective on current events, and helps to put the blame where it belongs. Makes things simple, black and white, good and evil in a world where confusion reigns. If only we could all unite together with this understanding, and put forth our efforts against the source of the “bad things” that happen to good people, the world would be a better place.

  3. Mr. Panarello shows an insight into the “truth” that we just don’t see anymore in this world. We need to be shown a justice according to Him. People only go as far as the are taught themselves, so no one of course is to blame for this oversight in our culture. Mr. Panarello has accomplished something of significance in this dark place we call planet Earth. No doubt his books will be flying off the shelves.

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