August 6: Lois Shelton, Duane Burghard, Kate Iola

Kate Iola

Duane Burghard

Lois Shelton

A busy show to start off the week: Lois Shelton of the Boone County Council on Aging stopped by to talk about the Mature Living Festival at the Holiday Inn Expo Center this Saturday. Okay, I get that even guys in their mid-40s should care about planning out the second half of life, but one question: Is it air-conditioned? (Yes, it is.)

As I grow older, I want lots of electronic toys around me. Duane Burghard, Chairman of MacXprts, explained why the iPhone and AppleTV will change my life. I want them.

After 6:00, agro-terror expert Kate Iola, author of Deadstock, gave us an update on the new outbreak of foot and mouth disease in England. This is bad: The last outbreak in 2001 caused over $17 billion in losses to the British agriculture and tourism industries. Kate informed me later that the 2001 outbreak occurred in February at a farm in remote northern England. The current outbreak is 30 miles from London at the height of the tourist season.

Tom Bradley’s producer, Drew, returns from the U.K. tomorrow. I wonder if they make him wash his shoes before getting on the plane.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

More weapons missing in Iraq than reported
FMD in England leaked from biological lab
Landowner offers site for third high school
Cooling centers in Columbia


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