August 1: Missouri Midwives, Total Surveillance

Interesting society in which we live: While champions of “women’s rights” complain about a new Missouri law that requires abortion clinics to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgery facilities, medical groups are fighting to overturn a law making it legal for midwives to assist at the birth of a child.

Apparently the medical standards for taking lives is not as high as for bringing them into the world.

Today I talked with Susan Remoe and Eva Jones about rallies tonight and tomorrow at the Cole County Courthouse in Jefferson City in support of a recently passed law legalizing midwifery in Missouri. Judge Patricia Joyce hears opening arguments in a court challenge to the law at 9:00am Thursday. The rallies tomorrow include the screening of a new film produced by Ricki Lake, The Business of Being Born.

The rest of the show focused on two topics — Christy Freeman, the woman in Maryland who’s charged with murder for allegedly killing her 26-year-old pre-term infant, and the ABC News poll that claims to show over 70% of Americans are all for surveillance cameras to keep us safe.

Topic #1: If Freeman killed her child, it’s murder — but I don’t see how a conviction withstands a constitutional challenge based on Roe v. Wade. Her public defender will likely argue that all Freeman did was perform a self-administered abortion.

Topic #2: The public has waaay too much faith in the people who’d monitor the cameras (or listen to their phone calls, or read their e-mail, or open their letters). Refer to the Geek Squad scandal (computer repairmen copying personal photos and videos — very personal — off customers’ hard drives and sharing them with co-workers), and then consider that more or less the same type of people are likely to do surveillance work for the government.

Hey, federal law enforcement, intelligence, and counter-terror agencies are already outsourcing data mining to private companies. (Even the President’s Daily Briefing, the government’s most accurate and most current assessment of national security matters, is prepared with corporate input.) Now, maybe you don’t care when some analyst at the National Security Agency sifts through your credit card records, but what if the guy going through your financials works for the lowest bidder on a government contract?

Not to mention that the federal government under President Bush has essentially stripped the U.S. Constitution of habeas corpus and the 4th and 5th Amendments.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Syria defers its war plans to November
U.S. cannot account for 190,000 guns in Iraq
Surveillance effort was broader than Bush previously disclosed
Back-to-school shopping isn’t so taxing


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