Monday, July 30: Dr. Jay Reese, Don Bracken

Don Bracken

Dr. Jay Reese

We’re finally moved. Not quite settled yet, but at least the stuff is at the right address. I didn’t notice it last year, but there were an incredible number of overloaded rental trucks, SUVs, and pickup trucks plying the streets of Columbia this weekend. You’re probably used to it, but this was new for me. Some of these vehicles looked like the Clampett’s truck from The Beverly Hillbillies.

Dr. Jay Reese called in from Derby, Kansas, where his son, Jady, and the rest of the Boonville 9-year-old Cal Ripken All-Stars are finishing up a great season. After winning the Missouri state championship, the Boonville boys won their first two games in the Great Plains regional, beating Cimarron River, Kansas, 6-4, and the SE Denver Huskies, 15-0.

Sadly, the team Boonville defeated in the state championship game, Mineral Area (near Farmington), knocked them out of the regional title game, 7-1. Boonville plays tomorrow in the 3rd Place game against Yankton, South Dakota.

If you can help with a donation for the team’s travel expenses, please call Boonville Little League President Mike Watts at (573) 882-5033.

Our guest at 5:30 was an interesting guy, a journalist, historian, and author of the new book The Words of War. Don Bracken walked us through the history of political partisanship in the media and showed us that the bias in the media today is far less obnoxious than it was prior to World War I. His book is a fascinating analysis of how newspapers on opposite sides of the Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression, depending on your point of view) reported 18 key battles during the conflict.

One example: The Charleston Mercury never admitted — never — that General Robert E. Lee lost the Battle of Gettysburg. And we thought Baghdad Bob was in denial!

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Surveillance cameras win broad support (Great — we’re begging for Big Brother)
Cheney: No NAFTA superhighway
California drivers’ info outsourced to Mexico
Jeri Thompson running Fred’s campaign
Federal official to offer police review tips


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