Wednesday, July 25: Fair Update, Boonville Little League, Chief Randy Boehm

Columbia Police Chief Randy Boehm

Dr. Jay Reese and Jady Reese

Amanda Williams

It was another busy show today. Amanda Williams, MU sophomore and runner-up in the Miss Boone County Fair pageant, talked with us about the events on the schedule for the Boone County Fair. Amanda is a double major in — get this — pre-med biology and vocal performance.

Now, my wife majored in molecular biology, studied opera, and sang professionally for about twenty years. If Amanda is anything like Sharon, she’s an amazing young woman.

Then I had the honor of talking with an amazing young man, nine-year-old Jady Reese of the Boonville Cal Ripken Baseball All-Stars. The team from Boonville won the Missouri championship last week and heads to Kansas for the regional tournament this weekend. Jady is the team’s catcher, and if his dad, Dr. Jay Reese, sounded a little bit proud of his son, he can be forgiven; Jady hit over .500 during the state championship tournament!

Boonville advances to an eight-team regional tournament in Derby, Kansas this weekend, and the families of the boys on the team could use a little financial help to make the trip. If you can contribute, contact Mike Watts, president of the Boonville Little League at (660) 882-5033.

The team’s first game is Friday at Noon.

Columbia Police Chief Randy Boehm dropped by for his monthly visit, and we talked about a proposal to create a citizen’s review board to investigate complaints against Columbia police officers. Chief Boehm is opposed to the idea, but he says he’ll go along with whatever the City Council and City Manager Bill Watkins decide.

The second hour was devoted to discussing a press conference held earlier today by Dan Viets, a local attorney and local chapter president of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Viets called on Congressman Kenny Hulshof to drop his opposition to a proposal in Congress to prevent the federal government from enforcing federal laws against the use of medical marijuana in states where such use is legal. (Missouri is not one of those states.)

We had an interesting mix of calls. The consensus seems to be that our listeners don’t support legalizing marijuana, but we don’t want the federal government butting in and overruling state laws, either. It comes down to what matters more to you — the danger of marijuana use or states rights.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

MS-13 gang seeks to unite nationwide
Fred Thompson reorganizes his non-campaign
Web of presidential intrigue as Bloomberg launches
Hy-Vee to build two new stores in Columbia
MU study ties heavy drinking to fake IDs (well, duh!)


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