Tuesday, July 24: Tina Potter, Nanette Ward, and the YouTube Debate

Nanette Ward

Tina Potter

We had some fun this afternoon, first by welcoming to The Eagle 93.9 the new Miss Boone County Fair, Sarah Carlisle. She appears to be a young woman with a plan, which includes Stephens College, opening her own business, and continuing to show her Sheltie and Korgi nearly every weekend.

Then we talked business with Tina Potter of C & S Business Services. It’s tough enough finding a market for a product or service, but finding the right people to help you produce, provide, and sell it can be a killer.

A debate has been ongoing in Columbia for months now over whether the city needs a Citizen Review Board to handle complaints about Columbia police officers. Next Monday, Nanette Ward will moderate a Community Circle featuring William Whitcomb, a mediator with the Department of Justice. Whitcomb will discuss the pros and cons of civilian police oversight. The meeting is at 6:00pm Monday, July 30 at the Columbia Public Library.

Most of the second hour today was devoted to last night’s Democratic presidential debate, with questions provided by YouTube. Some of the questions were refreshing because they came from regular people rather than the usual collection of Washington pundits. Some, however, were just silly, like the question that highlighted what the Daily Tribune’s Jason Rosenbaum called “the plight of the snowpeople“:

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Hezbollah warns rockets can reach all of Israel
UN colludes with Hezbollah in Lebanon
State Auditor Montee supports Obama


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