More Listeners Turning to Internet

A new survey by Edison Media Research confirms the feeling that’s been growing in my gut for some time now: People are turning in ever-growing numbers to the Internet for their media content.

Consumers age 12 and older were asked to choose the “most essential” medium in their life; 33 percent chose the Internet, just behind television (36 percent), but above radio (17 percent) and newspapers (10 percent); in 2002, the Internet trailed TV on this perception by a significant margin (20 percent vs. 39 percent), and also trailed radio’s 26 percent.
Other highlights include:

  • “Least essential” medium: Newspapers had the most mentions for this perception (35 percent), Internet was mentioned by 24 percent (was the most mentioned in 2002 at 33 percent), and both radio and television had the fewest mentions at 18 percent.
  • “Most cool and exciting” medium: The Internet and television have swapped places in the last half-decade. The Internet is now mentioned by 38 percent for this perception in 2007 (vs. 25 percent in 2002); 35 percent now say television is the “most cool and exciting” medium (vs. 48 percent in 2002).
  • Medium “using more lately”: The Internet approaches the lead for this perception, up to 34 percent (from 19 percent in 2002); however, television still leads with 37 percent (compared to 41 percent in 2002).

Devices like Apple’s new iPhone should only push this trend along. Once consumers figure out how to listen to Internet (IP) radio wirelessly wherever they are, radio stations that aren’t streaming will face a much greater challenge than satellite radio ever presented.


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