Every pundit in the Western hemisphere is weighing in on the shootings Monday at Virginia Tech and I don’t pretend to have anything of substance to add. Just this odd factoid: The deaths are now blamed on Cho Seung-Hui, a permanent resident from South Korea. The 23-year-old English major apparently used a 9mm Glock and a 22-caliber pistol to kill 32 and then himself.

However, survivors give different descriptions of the shooter: Derek O’Dell, said the gunman, who was wearing a black leather coat and maroon hat, fired several shots from a handgun, reloaded and resumed shooting. Erin Sheehan described Cho as ‘dressed sort of strangely, almost like a boy scout, very short-sleeved light, tan shirt and some sort of ammo vest.

Monday night, a law enforcement official gave Doug Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network the name of a Chinese national in the country on a student visa. At the time, that individual was tentatively identified as the shooter.

Fog of war? Or was there a second gunman?


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