Hypocricy, Thy Name is Soros

George Soros spent $20 million to try to beat George Bush in 2004. In the last quarter of 2006, he spent something like $60 million to add 1.9 million shares of Halliburton to his portfolio.

Maybe Soros meant it when he said that he’d “very much like to get disengaged from politics”. Understandable; it can be tough mixing profit with principle.


One response to “Hypocricy, Thy Name is Soros

  1. I recently featured Fareed Zakaria’s interview of Soros is and interesting discussion of how bubbles form out of misconceptions and how reality sets in and bursts and crashes bubbles.

    Unlike other critics like Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers, Soros favors government intervention to regulate markets since he doesn’t believe in the “self-correction to equilibrium” notion of markets.

    Soros’ skeptical approach to human prediction of markets is similar to Nassim Taleb’s ideas that history is inherently a fallacy and any prediction based on past data is imperfect at best.

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