A Bridge Too Far

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt is promoting a new proposal to build a bridge across the Mississippi River at Saint Louis:

A Texas company would construct and operate a privately run toll bridge at St. Louis under a proposal that Gov. Matt Blunt on Tuesday called “a new starting point” in the effort to build the long-proposed Mississippi River crossing.

Zachry American Infrastructure is a partner with Spanish firm CINTRA in Trans-Texas Corridor 35. TTC 35 has been dubbed by Jerome Corsi the “NAFTA Superhighway”.

While the proposed bridge has nothing to do with that monster of a roadway, the question remains: Is it wise to sell public infrastructure, especially a key piece of an integrated national transportation system, to a private developer? Won’t a private developer be driven more by profit motive than public interest?

I think so, but the concept is so new that we haven’t had time to really chew on it. Most of the comments I took on the air this afternoon were positive. After all, getting a new $1.8 billion bridge without spending tax money sounds like a pretty good deal.

For now.


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