Blinded By The Trees

Terror Free Oil

…And missing the forest.

The Terror-Free Oil Initiative is a great PR gimmick. The company, which just opened its first filling station in Omaha, claims to buy only gasoline refined from non-Middle Eastern oil.

Thing is, they buy gasoline from Sinclair which buys some of its oil from the New York Mercantile Exchange. It’s highly probable that some of that oil came up through the Middle Eastern sand.

It follows that some of the gasoline at Terror Free Oil comes from the Middle East. Joe Kaufman of TFO admits as much but says the main point is to get the message across.

So here’s the forest: Russia is the world’s #1 oil producer. Russia is supplying arms and nuclear design/build expertise to Iran. Russia’s president took a very adversarial stand against the U.S. in Munich over the weekend.

Maybe the guys at Terror Free Oil should change the name to Ruble Free Oil.


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