Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts. They earned it tonight. I’ll tell you what: Even though I’m a Bears fan from back in the Bobby Douglass era, it’s hard to be upset when class guys like Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning end up with the trophy in their hands.

Besides, my in-laws and a good chunk of my dad’s side of the family are in Indiana, so this game was a no-lose situation.

Kudos to Dungy for speaking up for his faith in Jesus Christ with tens of millions watching. Like Kurt Warner after the Rams’ Super Bowl win, it’s proof that being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in the real world.

Dungy made a point of noting that it was more important to him that both he and Bears coach Lovie Smith are Christians than African-Americans.

Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet messes with your stuff when your blood sugar is low

As for the ads: Boring for the most part. GoDaddy was so enamored of their “marketing department” spot that it aired three times. The wet t-shirt theme probably appeals to GoDaddy’s target market of web geeks. I had to read a story about the ad at to confirm that I really did see the family from American Chopper in the commercial. How much did Paul and the boys get paid for their half-second appearance in the spot? Nice work if you can get it.

The ads were pretty good. The Budweiser spot with the hitchhikers was pretty funny, but no better than Bud’s usual Sunday afternoon ads.

The two commercials that stood out in the whole game were the Robert Goulet spot for Emerald Nuts and the “heart attack” ad from King Pharmaceuticals.

All in all, the best spot Sharon and I saw today was the local ad for Lake Regional Health System in Lake of the Ozarks.

Now, if only we really would find K-Fed working at McDonalds.


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