None So Blind

For the record, I’m proud to be lumped together with a group of “bastards and creeps and jug-heads and drunks and reprobates” like Lou Dobbs, Jerome Corsi, and Phyllis Schlafly.

This paranoid and groundless frenzy has been fomented and promoted by a shameless collection of lunatics and losers; crooks, cranks, demagogues and opportunists, who claim the existence of a top secret master plan to join the U.S., Canada and Mexico in one big super-state and to replace the good old Yankee dollar with a worthless new currency called “The Amero.” Another delusion usually associated with these fears involves the construction of a “Monster Highway” some sixteen lanes wide through Texas and the Great Plains, connecting the two nations on either side of the border for some nefarious but never-explained purpose.

Medved should do a little research before he starts hurling epithets. Check out Jerry Corsi’s measured response to his hysterical rant. Corsi documents the charges point by point, even the Amero and the “monster highway”, without stooping to Medved’s poop-throwing level.

Isn’t it funny how Corsi was the darling of conservative media when he was selling Unfit For Command, the story of John Kerry’s tour in Vietnam, and now that he’s criticizing a Republican administration he’s become a “bastard and a creep”?


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