Obama forces Hillary’s hand

Is anyone at all surprised by Hillary’s decision to run for president? She’s been running since before she and Bill moved to New York.

She’s definitely the toughest candidate to declare in the early going, although I think Evan Bayh of Indiana will give her a run if he decides to go for the gold. He’s handsome, well-spoken, and a moderate Midwestern Democrat who can draw support from independents and some disgruntled Republicans. He may also draw Democrats who publicly support Hillary but have doubts about the ability of a woman to serve as president.

Sorry. 21st century or no, there are still a lot of Americans that aren’t ready for Madam President.

Now, what’s up with Barack Obama? Why has he become the golden boy of the national media? I mean, even Rick Warren invited him out to Saddleback Church, a move that ticked off some evangelicals but doesn’t seem to have hurt Warren’s credibility at all. Remarkable, considering that Obama supports partial-birth abortion. (If you don’t know who Rick Warren is, just glance at the religion section at Borders and see how many books have “purpose driven” in the title.)

Barack Obama has served six years in the Illinois State Senate and all of two years as the junior senator from Illinois. What, exactly, qualifies him to serve as the chief executive of the United States? What is it about Obama that sends Democrats into paroxysms of anticipatory glee? Is it that he’s just so darned cute?

No doubt he’s a very intelligent man. Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review and he graduated magna cum laude. Still I ask: What qualifies him to run the country? The answer to that question hasn’t come from his supporters yet. If nothing else, though, his apparent intent to run for president is worth watching if only because he’s forced Hillary to show her hand sooner than she wanted.

I wonder: Did the voters who sent Hillary back to the U.S. Senate by a landslide margin really expect her to serve the good people of New York for another six years? She’s going to be too busy running to do anything for her adopted home state for the next two years. Another example of how we get the government we deserve.


One response to “Obama forces Hillary’s hand

  1. I’m still not convinced Hillary will run… and even less convinced she’ll win. I don’t think it’s a matter of a woman president… It’s THIS woman. My dad who’s a 22yr veteran of the Navy said he’d leave the country if she was elected, that’s how much people hate her. I’ve yet to figure out why.

    Bayh is the perfect solution for the Democrats. I’ve been lucky enough to have him as my governor and now my senator. He believes what he says and stands up for what he believes. He can win the Midwest which is something Hillary can’t do. What Democrats have to look at is who can win in the places we didn’t win in 2004 and 2000? Hillary certainly can’t. For that reason alone she shouldn’t be nominated.

    Bayh supporters shouldn’t be bothered by his low numbers. Only one thing will cure low numbers in candidates this early, money. And Bayh’s the only one with low numbers that has the cash to raise them.

    Keep your eye on him.

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