Show Notes: Thursday, November 30

Did I forget that today is the last day of National Novel Writing Month? Uh, yeah. Guess I did.

Well, I stalled out at about 8,000 words. A combination of work related duties, a visit from Nicole over the Thanksgiving weekend, and, uh, lack of personal discipline sidelined my effort. Still, 8,000 words is not bad for a start. If I can keep that up, I’ll have a completed manuscript by this time next year.

Just in time to try again.

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Janese Heavin Interview

We talked with Josh deBerge from the weather staff at KOMU-TV again tonight. Thunder snow? Apparently that’s on the way tonight along with up to 14 inches of accumulation.

Janese Heavin
Janese Heavin

Janese Heavin, the Columbia Daily Tribune’s education reporter, joined us to discuss issues facing students in mid-Missouri. Columbia is looking at a couple of new schools in the near future, and the Columbia School District is looking at a new accountability system that it believes is a more accurate gauge of progress than the Dept. of Education’s “No Child Left Behind” guidelines.

Check out Janese’s Class Notes blog at the Trib’s website.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Scientists fear results of collapsed ice shelf
Ancient viruses may be released during Arctic meltdown
Iran will help with Iraq security
U.S. may boost troop level in Iraq
AP defends Iraq story
FSB tells Russians that CIA killed Litvinenko
33,000 British Airways passengers alerted over radiation
38,000 take Ford buyouts
Cintas warned against firing immigrant force


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