Show Notes: Friday, November 24

Back to work on Black Friday, or International Buy Nothing Day, if you prefer. My daughter Nicole sat in with me today and did an excellent job of contributing to the discussion.

We talked with Lance Cpl. John McClellan, who is back home in Columbia after a brief tour in Iraq. It was brief because a sniper in Haditha shot him in the head in mid-September. Doctors told him that 99% of the cases like his result in permanent disability or death, but John, while deaf in his left ear and left with partial paralysis in his face, can walk, talk, see, and think, and he’s planning to return to duty as soon as he completes his physical therapy. In short, Corporal McClellan is as close to a walking miracle as most of us will ever see.

powered by ODEO

Is it a coincidence that his buddies in his unit began praying as soon as John was hit? I think not.

We talked sports with Aaron Fox and closed out with more from Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Greg Miller on the awesomeness of the Nintendo Wii. Nicole pwn’d him.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Shiites burn six Sunnis alive in Baghdad
Russia begins delivering missiles to Iran
Former Russian spy dies, blames Putin
Drugs cheaper than ever in Europe
More election ads than coverage on TV news


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