Show Notes: Wednesday, November 22

Best reason to give thanks this year: The homecoming yesterday of Lance Cpl. John McClellan of Columbia. The 20-year-old Marine was shot in the head by a sniper in Haditha, Iraq back in September. The fact that he’s able to walk, talk, see, and think is a near miracle.

Wayne Kopping, director of the new movie Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West, was our guest this afternoon. Look up the website and view the 12-minute sample of the film. It’s unsettling, but it’s better to be informed and upset than blissfully ignorant.

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By the way, we checked the math twice: The 700-ton “Divine Strake” test bomb would in fact weigh 1,400,000 pounds.

And in case you’re interested, here’s a link to the text of “The Great Thanksgiving Hoax” by Richard J. Maybury. If you’d like to hear my reading of the piece, click the player below.

powered by ODEO

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Syria wants Golan Heights for help in Iraq
A war for nothing in Lebanon
War on terror could last 30 years or more
‘Divine Strake’ back in Nevada
‘Jericho’, ‘Heroes’ spark concern with civil defense
Fraud at NASA covered up
Ex-Russian spy may have been poisoned with radioactive thallium


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