Judith Regan Thinks We’re Stupid

She’s rationalizing her decision to publish O.J. Simpson’s “fictional” book as some sort of
cathartic revelation for her kids:

My son is now twenty-five years old, my daughter fifteen. I wanted them, and everyone else, to have a chance to see that there are consequences to grievous acts. That the consequences of pain and suffering will ultimately be brought upon its perpetrators. And I wanted, as so many victims do, to hear him say “I did it and I am sorry.”

I didn’t know if he would. But I wanted to try. I wanted his confession.

I wanted the acknowledgment, not for me but for my son, so I could turn to him and say, “I’m sorry that he was not a father to you. I’m sorry that he could not teach you what it means to be a man. And, finally, he’s sorry too.”

You see, Judith was a victim of domestic violence.  I’m sorry about that.  No woman deserves to be physically abused.

But we’re not stupid, Judith.  It’s not about confession; it’s about money.  And like O.J., you’re obviously not above doing anything to get it.  We remember that you published Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like a Porn Star.

How fitting.


2 responses to “Judith Regan Thinks We’re Stupid

  1. The problem is the American people are stupid. Where have you been? Do you go outside or turn on TV?

    I have a feeling the pundits are over reacting to this OJ story. Should we wait and see what book and Fox TV show is about before we get all upset?

    Judith Regan has published some books by bottom feeders such as Rush Limbaugh. She dated a married man Bernie Kerik Former NYC police commissioner and Bush Home Land Security failed nominee.

    But Ron Goldman has made a living off his sons’s death. His son was some sort of gigolo in LA.


    — Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®

  2. It is a sad state of affairs that the american public is so numb that only the most provocative
    garbage can now be called entertainment. And when the people that produce and promote these
    specials and tag them as a “MUST SEE EVENT” the perception is that it must have some substance.

    I’m sorry but It does not! Sadly Prof. Goldblatt is partialy right, the american people are stupid
    in that, they can no longer see right and wrong. So no doubt this show and book will churn out big
    ratings and the publishers and producers will think, “Wow that was what people really wanted to
    see, I wonder what other crap we can shove down they’re throat.”

    I don’t like it but I’m afraid there are more Prof. Goldblatts in the world than there are of me.

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