Show Notes: Thursday, November 16

What a day.  O.J.’s putting out a book, published and promoted by subsidiaries of Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp (HarperCollins and Fox), in which he tells us how he might have killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Pardon me while I retch.  Oh, not at O.J.’s actions; I already knew he was scum.  That Murdoch would stoop to profiting from Simpson’s story is reprehensible.

Tonight’s guest, Bev Harris, is a remarkable woman.  She’s the author of Black Box Voting and the founder of  She’s also featured in the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy. It’s available now as a free movie at HBO On Demand, it’s well worth an
hour and a half of your time.  In a nutshell, if our votes aren’t being
counted accurately or fairly, we might as well not have the right to
vote at all.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:


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