Show Notes: Friday, November 10

Greg Miller of the Columbia Daily Tribune filled us in on his novel marketing ploy for the Game Over blog. Desperate times, eh, Greg?

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Game Over blog
Not a real billboard

In the second hour tonight, I tried something different: We were joined by Keith Johnson of New England Anomalies Research, a paranormal investigator based in Rhode Island. He talked about what’s involved in a paranormal investigation, shared some of his more harrowing moments, and we listened to a couple of EVPs (which you’ll find at the NEAR website).

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Today’s Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Charges sought against Rumsfeld, Gonzales
Israel accused of ‘state terrorism’ at U.N.
Deputy Defense Minister: Israel may be forced to attack Iran
USS Boxer Strike Group enters Persian Gulf
Khamenei calls U.S. election a victory for Iran
New al-Qaida tape says 12,000 fighters activated
Brits tracking 30 terror plots
Government still trying to dismiss NSA lawsuit
‘Aliens could attack at any time’ warns former UK military official


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