Show Notes: Monday, November 6

We missed connections with former governor Roger Wilson this afternoon, but that’s all right–it gave us a chance to kick around a couple of things I thought were important. First, an article from last week by Ralph Peters, a longtime supporter of the war in Iraq, in which he said we need to face the hard reality that we might just have to replace one military dictatorship–Saddam’s–to restore order.

Then we discussed the Columbia Missourian/KOMU-TV investigation that found 10,000 dead people still on Missouri’s voter rolls. No decision as to which party has more of the deceased lined up to vote tomorrow.

Our guest was Mary Zanoni, Ph.D., executive director of Farm For Life. We discussed the National Animal Identification System, an initiative being pushed by the USDA. Mary feels that this is an unwarranted intrusion into the business of farmers, and if it becomes mandatory, which seems to be the plan, will put small producers at a competitive disadvantage to the corporate ag producers.

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Good calls for Mary, including a couple of farmers who raise cattle and don’t see the harm in NAIS. This is definitely a topic we’ll talk about again real soon.

For more information, see the USDA’s NAIS website and

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

New callups of Army reservists for Iraq
Syria threatens war with Israel over Golan Heights
Russia claims to have answer for U.S. missile defense
UK could stockpile 3 million body bags for flu outbreak
3 California elementary schools to fingerprint students
Nuclear lab security breach could be serious
County clerk expects high turnout
Army of lawyers mobilized for Election Day


One response to “Show Notes: Monday, November 6

  1. As an activist against NAIS, I can tell you that the overwhelming opinion of we, the people, is that NAIS is a very bad idea. As word gets out the people who stand to gain nothing from it other than a huge Big Brother parked in the chicken coop are resisting NAIS. There has to be a bigger outcry though. Now the USDA is softening their terms and changing the intention of their wording to make it seem that NAIS is for protecting the food supply from terrorism. What the USDA is doing is nothing short of making small/private farmers, homesteaders, hobbyists, etc. have a license to own animals. Mr and Mrs Consumer, what do you have that the feds will want to control next? Think about it. What will you do when they come for you?

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