Show Notes: Tuesday, October 31

You know it was a busy night: Two hour of airtime as darkness fell on October 31 and I spent maybe 45 seconds talking about Halloween.

Noah Medling, Columbia’s municipal liaison for National Novel Writing Month, started us off with details of the NaNoWriMo kickoff party tonight at Mizzou’s Brady Commons. NaNoWriMo starts at midnight tonight and I haven’t figured out where I’m going after the first line.

Frank Gilmour

Frank Gilmour

Then we talked with Frank Gilmour, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri. He’s only polling about 2% in the most recent surveys, but I like his platform: Smaller government, restrictions on eminent domain, immigration reform, and the Fair Tax.

With the election one week away, it seemed like the perfect time to talk with Connor O’Seanery, author of You Won’t Get Fooled Again: More Than 101 Brilliant Ways to Bust Any Bald-Faced Liar (Even If the Liar is Lying Beside You!) Remember, when politicians clear their throat a lot and look off to their left, there’s a good chance they’re being something less than honest.

Houston Mull & Trent Loos

15-year-old Houston Mull shakes hands with radio host Trent Loos in this photo taken in March, 2004.

Finally, we talked with Robin Mull, a farmer with land south of Malta Bend, about sixty miles west of Columbia. He’s the father of a young man who died in a pickup accident two years ago at the age of 15. This coming weekend is the third annual Houston E. Mull Memorial Cattle Drive, an event that drew over 400 people to the Mull farm last year and raised over $4,500 for the FFA scholarships the Mull family established in memory of Houston. Nationally syndicated radio host Trent Loos (Loos Tales) helped set up the annual event, and he’ll be there this weekend to oversee the festivities.

Robin says there’ll be over 150 people camping at the farm Friday night, and they may feed over 600 at the steak dinner Saturday after the cattle reach their pasture. Scholarships awarded from the money raised go to high school graduates in the Saline County area, with preference given to FFA participants and those who plan to study agriculture in college.

If you want more information, visit Loos’ web site or call one of the members of the Mull family: Robin at (660) 229-0060, Brenda at (660) 886-7563 or Wilma at (660) 815-2628.


One response to “Show Notes: Tuesday, October 31

  1. Derek, thanks for having Frank Gilmour on the show last night. For those who would like to see more of Frank, you can find a couple of his video appearances linked at the Boone County Libertarian Party website, including the only debate this election that featured all four candidates for Senate.

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