Show Notes: Monday, October 30

I must be doing something right: One of our off-air callers today was very upset at my right-wing conservative bias. This was probably because of my interview with bioethicist Wesley J. Smith. We spent an hour talking about the deceptive, dishonest push for Amendment 2, the stem cell initiative on the Missouri ballot next Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, I was accused of being a left-wing liberal for mentioning Dick Cheney and Halliburton in the same sentence. That’s what happens when you don’t buy into the mindless party-line cheerleading.

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris (D-23rd)

Jeff Harris, the Minority Leader of the Missouri House of Representatives (D-23rd), talked with us for half an hour. Nice guy, and though I disagree with him on Amendment 2, he’s absolutely right that the General Assembly took the coward’s way out when it came to addressing stem cell research. This is something that should be under the jurisdiction of the legislature, not enshrined in the state constitution.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

October Surprise in the making?
Egypt moves 5,000 troops to Gaza border
Audit finds over 14,000 missing weapons in Iraq
N. Korea in intense military exercises
Mexican government resorts to force in Oaxaca
Testosterone levels dropping in American men
Venezuelan ownership of voting booths investigated


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