Show Notes: Friday, October 20

Even though today was Casual Friday, we still managed to work some weighty topics into the mix: Violent video games, the threat of Islamic terror, and, um, the World Series.

First up, Dr. Chris Mazurek, a professor of psychology at Columbia College, talked about his experiences as a contestant on Jeopardy! He’ll be on TV next Thursday at 5:00pm CT (GMT -6) on KMIZ-TV, channel 17 here in Columbia.

Then intelligence analyst Laura Mansfield, author of the new book The Islamic Republic of America, told us about the declaration of independence by the new Islamic State of Iraq.

The last half hour was spent with Greg Miller, video game columnist for the Columbia Daily Tribune, and Kyle Elfrink, host of The Big Show on our sister station ESPN Radio 1580 KTGR. We talked about the controversial new video game Bully, the Mizzou-K State homecoming matchup tomorrow, and the Cardinals’ amazing run to the World Series.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing for October 20, 2006:

US military buildup in the Persian Gulf
Three US strike groups line up in Gulf
Kim Jong-Il ‘regrets’ nuke test (Was the test China’s way of taking pressure off Iran?)
New class of silent subs worries Pentagon
US court told it lacks power in detainee cases
EU wants to restrict videos on the Internet
Scientists create cloak of partial invisibility


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