Show Notes: Wednesday, October 18

It was the economy and politics today. First we talked with Pat Stansberry, one of the managers for A.G. Edwards & Sons in Columbia. He talked about the relationship between the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which broke through the 12,000 mark today for the first time, and the economy. Pat sees the economy slowing in 2007, and he hopes it’s the “soft landing” the Fed is trying to engineer.

Then attorney and author Stone Grissom joined us to discuss the legal implications of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision to strike down our new voter photo ID law. Stone shares my concern that the Military Commissions Act erodes the habeas corpus protection guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, places all of the power for prosecuting suspected terrorists in the Executive Branch with no judicial or legislative oversight, and unilaterally redefines Article 3 of the Geneva Convention.

Today’s Intelligence Briefing:

Italy selling missiles to Lebanon
Russia deporting Georgians
Chertoff: Web could be terror training ground
FBI director wants ISPs to track users
Iran cuts Internet speeds
Permission to leave the country?
1.25M in India may have chikungunya


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