Show Notes: Monday, October 16

Ed Robb
Mo. State Rep. Ed Robb

We had a full plate today: David Beamer, father of Todd Beamer, who uttered the famous words, “Let’s roll,” on United Flight 93; Pat Buchanan, who talked about his new book, State of Emergency; state representative Ed Robb of Missouri’s 24th District; and members of a coalition called “Safe Clean Air For Everyone”.

Pat Buchanan
Patrick J. Buchanan

Buchanan paints a grim picture of America’s future 40 years hence, where every major city looks like Los Angeles, and Los Angeles looks like Mexico City. He’s a watchman on the wall, but as he noted during our interview, it’s the guys on the wall who are the first to get shot.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

President Bush buys land in northern Paraguay
North Korea’s blast was a sub-kiloton nuke
Top Japanese cop warns of possible N. Korean terror
China builds fence on North Korean border
Group claims formation of “Islamic State of Iraq”
Pakistan foils another coup
Radioactive snails in southeast Spain

Hear the audio at The Eagle 93.9 Podcast.


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