Show Notes: Friday, October 13

Huh. It’s Friday the 13th, and I didn’t even remember to use the stuff I looked up about the Knights Templar and Philip the Fair. Ah, well, small bites; you probably already picture me with a tinfoil hat underneath my headphones.

My guest this afternoon was Cathy Ruse, chief spokesperson for Missourians Against Human Cloning. Amendment 2 was the topic, and the deception being perpetrated on voters who are being told that the amendment is about stem cell therapies when it’s really about offering constitutional protection to human cloning.

Then we talked sports. Mizzou is favored by 2 at Texas A & M tomorrow. Will the Tigers go 7-0?

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Mexico investigating link to Hezbollah
Non-profits lobbied for Abramoff (Grover Norquist may take a fall)
‘Bully’ video game draws lawsuit
Air Force prepares for cyberwar
NATO, Russsia to stage joint exercise (A joint missile defense drill?)
Google chief predicts ‘truth predictor’ (Politicians recoil in horror)
Air America files for bankruptcy (Shock!)


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