Show Notes: Thursday, October 12

We talked pork today — political and barbecue.

First, we talked with Mike McMillen of the Kansas City Barbecue Society and Aimee Olmstead, the organizer of the 2006 Brain Injury Association BBQ Contest. They told us about this weekend’s KCBS-sanctioned competition, and they gave out some Buck Creek Barbecue Sauces. Producer Justin and I will attest that it’s some of the best we’ve ever had.

Even better, I get to be one of the judges at the contest Saturday, which benefits the Brain Injury Association of Missouri.

Then Dr. Terry Smith of Columbia College stopped in to give us his analysis of the week in politics. It’s easy to forget that the Mark Foley scandal is just the latest in a long tradition of bruising politics in these United States.

Today’s intelligence briefing:

New book says Bush just using Christians
War with North Korea a nightmare scenario
Massive US naval exercise planned for Persian Gulf
Drill sergeants: No more Mr. Mean Guy
Terror cell used eBay to raise funds
11 dead in raid on TV station in Baghdad
Bush: Legalization for aliens a ‘must’


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