Show Notes: Wednesday, October 11

Tim Murphy reported in from the MU Homecoming Blood Drive. It sounds like they’ve got it down to an art; donors from the community get moved to the front of the line. Tim got through in about half an hour, which is faster than I’ve ever made it through a Red Cross blood drive.

We discussed the state of affairs in the Caucasus with Dr. Charles Timberlake of MU. Russia is threatening its southern neighbor, Georgia, and American support of Georgia’s pro-Western government — due in no small part to the presence of oil in the Caspian Sea next door — is complicating things.

Then Wesley J. Smith joined us for an hour to discuss Missouri’s proposed Amendment 2. Last week’s news that scientists in the UK want permission to clone transgenic embryos using human DNA and rabbit eggs made me wonder whether Missouri’s stem cell initiative would eventually lead to similar research here in the Show-Me State.

I think yes, and Wes does, too.

Today’s Intelligence Briefing:

– Jihadi website asks Iraqis to prepare for ‘Big Battle of Baghdad’
Army to keep Iraq troop levels steady through 2010
Seizures of radioactive materials fuel dirty bomb fears
FBI agents still lack Arabic skills
Govt supports allowing US firm to fix Iranian planes
Putin peeved about US anti-missile shield in Poland
Coast Guard wants to hold ‘live fire’ exercises on Great Lakes\
Pneumonic plague outbreak feared in Congo


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