Show Notes: Tuesday, October 10

It was a fun show, lots of phone calls and people with strong opinions. The trigger: Columbia’s City Council voted 4-3 very early this morning to ban smoking in most public places.

Now, I’m not a smoker and I prefer to eat away from cigarette smoke, but about 70% of Columbia’s restaurants are already smoke-free. I predict this ordinance, which goes into effect January 9 next year, will drive certain bars and restaurants outside the city limits–or at least the customers of those establishments. Whether the businesses follow or simply shut down remains to be seen.

John Schultz, chair of the Boone County Libertarian Party, and Greg Rennier, chair of the Boone Liberty Coalition, stopped by to talk about why they opposed the ordinance.

We also talked up the MU Homecoming Blood Drive, which continues through Thursday at the Hearnes Center Fieldhouse. Go, donate. I’ll be there Thursday, experiencing the new “double red” extraction process. Since I’m O-negative, my blood works for just about anybody, so they’ll take twice as many of my red cells, but I’ll get a bunch of saline solution in return. Sounds like a fair trade.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Bill introduced to repeal the 22nd Amendment (limits president to two terms)
Report: Foley story was supposed to hit 10 days before election
Ethiopia invades Somalia
Baghdad body count: 75 more corpses found since Monday
EU faces tuberculosis crisis


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