Pardon Me While I Vomit

Stand back — we’re talking projectiles here.

So Congressman Mark Foley is outed. Then he announces that he’s an alcoholic and checks into a rehab clinic where he’s conveniently insulated from the press.

Today, he adds — through his lawyer — that he was abused by “a clergyman” as a teen.

Uh huh. If true, I’m truly sorry for him. No child should be subject to such abuse. The timing of Foley’s announcement, however, doesn’t make me feel sympathetic, just manipulated.

What makes me physically ill, however, is not the sadly predictable and repugnant denial-of-responsibility attack by Mr. Foley, it’s the way this situation has been turned into the deciding issue of the 2006 election.

The hypocricy from both major parties is nauseating. The “family values” Republicans apparently had some inkling of Foley’s proclivities and did nothing, while the pro-gay-marriage Democrats shake their fists and pretend to be outraged.

Meanwhile, two carrier strike groups sail toward the Persian Gulf. Try finding that in the news today.


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