Show Notes: Friday, Sept 29

We wrapped up the month of September in style: Lots of news in the Intelligence Briefing, sports updates, and we scored a free Xbox 360 for Greg Miller of the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Today’s briefing:

US must protect food supply (lots of stuff happens between farm and fork)
Terrorist leader recruits scientists (well, duh)
Russia on verge of war with Georgia? (Putin still cheesed at our meddling there)
China Tried To Blind U.S. Sats With Laser (harder to see missile launches)
63 Kazakh Children Get HIV at Hospitals (tragic)
Indonesian woman contracts bird flu (human-to-human transmission)
Travelers to Africa, Asia returning to U.S. with Chikungunya (watch out for this bug)
Maker of Ebola vaccine plans major expansion (there’s a vaccine against Ebola?)

We talked sports with Aaron Fox, co-host of our Saturday morning SportsWire show and Kyle Elfrink, host of The Big Show on our sister station, ESPN Radio 1580 KTGR. Mizzou is a two-touchdown favorite over Colorado tomorrow morning, so things look good there, but the Cardinals have blown an eight-game lead in the last week and are poised on the verge of going down in history with one of the biggest chokes in the annals of baseball.

And I’m proud to be the linchpin in a tangled skein of mixed metaphor that led to his new 360. He’s been trying so hard to land that new game — strictly for journalistic purposes, of course — without success, and it warms my heart to have played a small role in bringing his quest to a successful conclusion (link points to mp3 audio, 5.5MB).

Off to St. Louis tomorrow for a marching band festival. My sources — well, okay, our daughter — tells me that The Best Band in the World™ is most definitely ready for this contest.


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