The Coming End of American Sovereignty

It’s five days after Jerome Corsi broke the story of the secret North American Forum meeting Sept. 12-14 on the airwaves of The Eagle 93.9, and still the only media outlets in North America with the story are WorldNetDaily, the Toronto Star, and our Watcher Magazine.

This is a big deal. A meeting chaired by a former U.S. Secretary of State and attended by three current and former Secretaries of Defense, the commanding officer of U.S. NORTHCOM, a deputy Secretary of State, their counterparts from Canada and Mexico, and some of the most powerful business leaders on the continent should not be held out of the public’s view.

Especially when the subject of the meeting is integrating the three countries.

These men and women act like the board of directors of corporations, only loosely beholden to their shareholders. Actually, they act like the board of privately held corporations. You and I seem to have little say in this gargantuan corporate merger that’s being planned under our noses.

While the spectacle of Bill Clinton losing his cool on Fox News Sunday is entertaining, we ought to be looking ahead. Do your senators know about the North American Forum? How about the Security and Prosperity Partnership (


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