Conflict of What Interest?

Judicial Watch has discovered that Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who ruled that the NSA’s warrantless wiretap program is unconstitutional, serves as a trustee for a non-profit group in Michigan that recently awarded a $45,000 grant to the ACLU. To many conservatives, this–and the fact that Judge Taylor was appointed by Jimmy Carter–automatically invalidates her ruling.

Granted, the ACLU filed the suit on which Judge Taylor ruled. And I understand that even supporters of her decision question some aspects of the ruling. But this knee-jerk reaction by so-called fellow conservatives leaves me scratching my head.

Traditional conservatives–that is, true conservatives–oppose government intervention in our private lives. The Bush administration’s insistence on the right to spy without a warrant flies in the face of conservative political thought and flat-out violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

This game of political “gotcha” we’re playing–He used the ‘N’ word! She supports the ACLU!–is stupid. We’re so focused on finding that flaw in our opponents’ armor that the big picture has become totally irrelevant. We’re too busy arguing to notice that our freedoms are evaporating faster than groundwater in north Texas.


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