It’s Art, Said the Naked Woman Hugging the Pig

Clearly the end of the world is here:

After pickled sheep, unmade beds and painting with elephant dung, some questioned where modern art could go next.

Kira O’Reilly will provide her own answer today by spending four hours naked, hugging a dead pig — at the taxpayer’s expense.

The controversial Irish performance artist will invite one person at a time to watch her sit in a specially-constructed set and perform a ‘crushing slow dance’ with the carcass in her arms.

She claims the bizarre exhibition is an attempt to ‘identify’ with the pig, which she cuts with a knife during the show.

Crushing slow dance. With a dead pig.

If this is art, the last days are upon us.


2 responses to “It’s Art, Said the Naked Woman Hugging the Pig

  1. I’m a tolerable guy. But this “pig-out” of art (pun intended) was disgusting, immoral and obscene.

    What’s next? Souse(ing) it up with dead grandma for art’s-sake? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
    and that not all art pleases everyone. But I saw this and just felt sick in the soul. How much
    further could degeneration go?

  2. Hello Derek,
    It’s so great to hear you and Sharron’s voices again. Welcome Back! I wrote Sharron a couple of months ago and told her how much I enjoyed you guys.

    I now know why you make a great radio spokesman. You sound great.

    Please don’t leave us out here alone again, we Christians need your prospective. It’s getting scary and well between you guys and Daniel Ott, I know I have learned so much.

    Tell Sharron I said “You Go Girl!” I love her hair.(or lack of it)

    I going to stay tuned for more of your great blather.

    May the Father Bless you and keep you on the internet and on air
    Julie W-S

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