Liquid Terror in the Sky

I’m more afraid of airline coffee than exploding sport drinks.

Please! Fox News actually asked former CIA operative Bob Baer if planes are safe because airlines still serve beverages to passengers!

Ask yourself this: Why haven’t security teams been screening for exploding liquids since 9/11? Were liquid explosives invented last week? Last month? Or is it possible these exploding liquids have been around since before 9/11?

Last summer, I had to give up a miniature Swiss Army Knife I carried on my keychain. It was a gift from my father, who lay dying in a hospital in South Carolina. I forgot I had it, so a security screener at the St. Louis airport probably took it home at the end of the day. But I was allowed to proceed with my carry-on, which contained a tube of toothpaste and a can of shaving gel. Today, scissors are OK but the toothpaste and shaving cream are security hazards to be confiscated before boarding.

Are we really supposed to think someone will rain death and body parts into the ocean with an explosive device hidden in a lipstick?


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