Hezbollah Getting Iranian and North Korean Help

Tip of the hat to Laura Mansfield for her translation of this article from an Arabic newspaper published in the U.K.:

Hundreds of Hizballah men who now face Israel’s military arsenal took part in special training sessions at the Revolutionary Guard camps in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Ahvaz. According to a high-ranking officer in the Revolutionary Guard who himself trained one of Hizballah’s naval units, Hizballah still holds many surprises up its sleeve, given that, thus far, no direct confrontation as such has taken place between Hizballah and the Israeli Navy, although one of Israel’s warships was hit by two C802 missiles with the help of the Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon which was not a direct confrontation. Indeed, Hizballah has a unit of divers and a unit of naval commandos which has speedboats of the Chinese Hudong (as transliterated) type, capable of delivering strikes against the Israeli navy.

The officer said that Hizballah — thanks to the presence of hundreds of Iranian engineers and technicians and experts from North Korea, who were brought in as servants by the Iranian diplomats and employees in the bureaus and liaison offices belonging to Iran in Lebanon — was able to build a 25-kilometer long underground belt, with each cavity (or hole) in the belt measuring some 12-18 square meters (40-60 square feet), with a sliding (mutaharrik) floor and semi-sliding (nisf mutaharrik) roof.

Emphasis added.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Monday on my program, which airs weekday afternoons on The Eagle (93.9 FM) in Columbia, Missouri. She’s fluent in Arabic, which allows her access to stories that normally don’t make it into English.

How much longer before this conflict spreads?


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