Day One Under the Belt

The headphones went back on today: For the first time in some 13 years, I did a radio program for which I was paid.

The two-hour program on The Eagle (KSSZ-FM in Columbia, Missouri) went pretty smoothly, considering that when I last set foot in a radio studio on a regular basis, CDs were just becoming popular. The high point was a phone call from our next door neighbor in St. Louis County who just happened to be driving through town on his way to Kansas City (thanks, Pete!).

My goal today was just to make it through to the end. Did that, so Monday I’ll start trying to get my legs under me and actually present some content.

It’s like having a punch line when you tell a joke: It makes things so much more interesting for the listener.


One response to “Day One Under the Belt

  1. Hi Derek,
    I am convinced that the P.I.D. program (which I discovered in May 2006–and which I love and have downloaded all episodes) that you and Sharon have been doing for quite awhile was God’s way to provide you with the practice you needed (since being out of broadcasting for many years) to be a successful radio talk show moderator in the secular public arena.

    God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform….

    God bless you and Sharon in your new home and in your new job. I look forward to your “Drive” programs being released as mp3 files on the internet in the near future and can’t wait for the next P.I.D. broadcast with or without blather — preferabley WITH:-)
    Kathy in Idaho

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