Spin and Antispin

Kurt Nimmo provides an interesting perspective on the rhetoric between Iran and Israel:

[F]or Ethan Bronner and the New York Times, it doesn’t matter what Ahmadinejad actually said because everybody (here in the land of the brainwashed) knows Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, an updated version of Arabs pushing Jews into the sea.

In fact, Ahmadinejad never used the phrase “wiped off the map” in his speech. Instead, he said Israel should be “eliminated from the page of history,” which is different than saying Israel should be wiped off the map.

A two-minute search on the Internet turned up this statement from this English-language story at President Ahmadinejad’s official website:

[Ahmadinejad] further expressed his firm belief that the new wave of confrontations generated in Palestine and the growing turmoil in the Islamic world would in no time wipe Israel away.

Now, whose translation are you going to believe?

While the Zionist neocon agenda is dangerous and has led to the murderous conditions enveloping Iraq (an average of 70 violent deaths every day in Baghdad alone), we can’t sugar-coat the fact that Ahmadinejad and many others in the Islamic world believe that a violent conflict with infidels is not only inevitable but necessary to prompt the return of al-Mahdi, the hidden imam.


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