Zarqawi Autopsy Proves I’m a Moonbat

So Zarqawi really is dead. Super Fun Power Hour rejoices.

Doesn’t change my point, which was simply that this was the sixth or seventh time Zarqawi was reported dead.

SFPH ignores the historic reality — and we’re talking history that’s less than a year old — that the military paid journalists in Iraq to plant stories in which “absolute truth was not an essential element”.

Okay. So they fibbed then. But not now.

Jeez. Critical thinking is a lost skill in the blogosphere.


One response to “Zarqawi Autopsy Proves I’m a Moonbat

  1. The difference between in the field propaganda, which is part of successful ops in any war, and announcing to the world that they finally got the bastard is so huge that it isn’t even worthy of consideration. Welcome to moonbat-ville, population you.

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