St. Louis Swallowed by Black Hole; World Yawns

That was our response to this week’s Sci Fi Original Movie. In the well-crafted words of my wife:

WHAT true Scifi fan doesn’t look forward to the cheese and corn amply provided by SciFi Channel’s original productions, where monsters and science collide? Where else can one find Bulgarian actors hobnobbing with Hollywood’s B-list with such regularity? Where else indeed can a bachelor electro-creature from another part of the universe slide into St. Louis, looking for a little juice and a cheap baseball ticket?
So it was, the family Gilbert found ourselves poised upon a pair of matching couches, snacks in hand, ready to feast upon last night’s SciFi Channel disaster flick, Black Hole. Set in our own midwest town, we couldn’t wait to see how downtown St. Louis might play into the promised plot of a terrestrial black hole gone bad. Disappointment doesn’t go far enough.

Mind you, it wasn’t the totally improbable notion of a voracious black hole spontaneously erupting from a lab. Nor was it the pedestrian acting or uninspiring dialogue. We can’t even complain about the special effects. (At least we didn’t see that familiar cargo plane that shows up in so many of SciFi’s offerings). No, our complaint lies in the extent of the absurdity. This insane plot just didn’t go far enough!

Read her entire review here.


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